Kne'Kash - the vision and the belief

Kne'Kash - a leader in the modern consumerism trend,  aspiring to diminish mankind’s impact on natural resources while adjusting modern lifestyle to the global world.
To advance this vision we gathered materials from all over the globe. They create a full range of lifestyle elements. The Kne'Kash world is modern design meets sustainable living.   Beautiful items for everyday use with a  message-      

Things of Today Thinking of Tomorrow

Kne'Kash was established in 1994 following the vision of transaction of ideas, materials and products that are both natural and eco-friendly from South East Asia to the Western lifestyle spheres. The vision is global and ecological in scope. It encompasses building materials, furniture and home accents to enable a holistic approach to all of life’s needs. It ranges from modular homes built out of bamboo at one part of the world and assembled at the costumer’s site on another, all the way to disposable pure bamboo tableware replacing plastic.
Following advances in communication, technology and transportation, we live in an era of cross-fertilization between cultures. Such were the times when coffee migrated from Brazil to Europe or tea and silk from Asia to the West, bringing along new ideas and inspiration. These products received new flavors in Europe and the West to fit the different lifestyle. Today materials making their way from the East to the West and vice versa, cultivate new ecological and environmental thinking and belief system. Kne'Kash is driving this infusion of natural substance, primarily of Bamboo, and integrating or “translating” it into Western and modern lifestyles to create a richer scope of possibilities for a considerate way of living that is both eco friendly and people friendly.
Raw materials that have been used in traditional ways in the East transform themselves with the introduction to the West and are starting to be used in combinations and methods adapted to western lifestyle in many shapes and forms. If used as material for construction purposes or for designing, it can be used in it’s raw form or with modern processing of slicing, pressing, stamping or embellishing, in combination with paints and glues or au natural . These substances lend themselves to endless creative applications that enable endless opportunities.
We, like many others in the world, see this process of bringing natural materials to our western modern lifestyle as a crucial component in conserving and living in harmony with our natural resources. Kne'Kash is participating in a growing global movement of raising awareness to the limited natural resources and the essential need to preserve. Some natural materials such as bamboo have a quality of a life cycle that we can benefit from – they are quick to grow and quick to disintegrate among many other ecological attributes.  Using them instead of wood and non recyclable materials is an obligation we have to ourselves. The need for a considerate way of life will only increase as time passes due to necessity but also due to the fascinating design possibilities that the new materials have been opening to the West.
We believe that a wide transformation is taking place in conventional construction and the attitude towards the human habitat. With time man will adapt more to the environment and will try to limit his carbon imprint and impact on natural resources. In the search for the new and different while at the same time primary and basic, will find these natural substances as a preferred alternative.  This tendency blends a wide ecological approach together with increasing interrelations between different cultures in an intriguing process of migration from continent to continent. A blurring of conventional boundaries between East and West is occurring now by creating new combinations and patterns and bridging between what used to be opposites.
Kne'Kash is the only Israeli company that is intimately involved in this field as a holistic approach. We have been leading the promotion of considerate lifestyle since we brought in our first shipment.  Over time, we are finding that the eco friendly concept we have been driving is gaining traction due to increased understanding of consumerism and lifestyle in the modern age.

Thus -  Things of Today Thinking of Tomorrow





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